8 TIPS - Draw a BETTER PORTRAIT - Realistic Face From Life

This drawing tutorial gives you 8 helpful tips to improve your drawing and to learn how to draw a better realistic portrait and realistic face from life. It's a complete art lesson on how to first, draw a portrait from life, in the first step of the process. And then how to finish that live portrait in your studio, working from a photo, in the last step.

You'll find that these 8 tips are foundational to drawing a realistic face using any drawing medium, like charcoal or graphite pencil. And the 8 tips cover every step of the portraiture drawing process. Follow along with Don as he works from live model Corrie and uses sighting to determine the height-to-width ratio of her face, indicates placement of her features, blocks in the basic shapes of her face, establishes the shadow and light shapes, and then refines everything to bring Corrie's portrait to a realistic finish.

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