Hi! I'm Don Stewart,

the artist here at ArtistChronicle.com.

I'm dedicated to teaching you the tangible and perceptual skills needed to draw and paint successfully.

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You're Gonna Notice...

I produced a lot of the videos on this website in 2009 to 2013.

Where Have I Been?

Well, in 2013 my priority became getting better at teaching offline.

But, as of 2020, I'm online again! Producing more how to draw and how to paint video lessons just for you!

So, whether you watch the latest (four so far with more on the way) or videos from a decade ago, I genuinely hope you find them all to be informative — and any kookiness to be entertaining. Hey, learning should be fun! You remember more!

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My tutorial videos teach you the skills needed to render realistic drawings and oil paintings.

There are other types of videos, too.

Inspirational conversations with other artists, for example, about their own mediums and methods. You'll also find vlogs, time lapses, career advice and more.

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What? No Photos?

In 2006 I vowed to stop using photos as a crutch. I wanted to develop my skills as an artist, and for me, that meant drawing and painting from life instead of photos...

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