HOW TO OIL PAINT - Transfer Any Image in 6 Easy Steps (Exclusive Vine Charcoal Grid Method)

This oil painting tutorial is a lesson on how to transfer any image to canvas in six easy steps. I haven’t seen this VINE CHARCOAL grid method explained anywhere else.

Why has the vine charcoal grid method been kept a secret? You got me — because I consider it to be the most efficient and effective way to transfer a photo to canvas or to transfer a drawing to canvas.

Follow along with this art tutorial as I detail and demo, step-by-step: 1) How to use an L-shaped viewfinder to compose and crop your image to a size that has the same proportions as your canvas. 2) The best way to divide your image into a grid of squares. 3) Exactly what kind of vine charcoal to use for the grid on your canvas. 4) How gridding helps you copy an image to canvas. 5) How to “fix” the drawing on your canvas without spray fixative. 6) How to get rid of the grid on your canvas without an eraser.

Keep in mind that everything I show you about gridding in this step-by-step art lesson can be used to either transfer a photo onto canvas or transfer a drawing onto canvas. And can be used to transpose any size photo or drawing to any size canvas (or whatever type of support you like to use). Enlarge, scale up and copy larger or reduce to smaller.


Artist, Producer, Editing - Don Stewart (

Intro Music - Don Stewart

Music Used with Permission

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