HOW TO OIL PAINT - Toning a Canvas (Updated)

Before I begin an oil painting I will tone a canvas. This oil painting tutorial is a lesson and demo on toning a canvas. In fact, it’s a how to tutorial that includes tips you should know when toning, not just a canvas, but any support that’s been primed.

This art lesson explains, in detail, all of the materials you need to tone a canvas. It also teaches the difference between a transparent tone (called an imprimatura) and an opaque toned ground.

Yes! You can absolutely follow along as I demonstrate step-by-step how to apply a transparent tone to a canvas. Plus, watch as I explain how to create an opaque toned ground, too and show you why it isn’t my favorite way to tone.

Also, you may be wondering if you should even tone a canvas at all! You’re not alone. It’s the question a lot of beginner oil painters ask -- "To tone or not to tone?" Experienced artists, too. Well, in this art tutorial video I give you my answer to that question, along with three reasons that back it up.




Artist, Producer, Editing - Don Stewart (

Intro Music - Don Stewart

Music Used with Permission

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